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Raphal Medical Center is multispecialty hospital which prides itself in expedient and effective service. We offer 24-hour general service with an amazingly competent group of specialists.

Raphal Medical Centre


You can entrust us with your kids and infants healthcare. We have a great pediatric experts to take care of your kids and infants medical needs

Raphal Medical Centre

Antenatal Care

Our team of midwifes, Obstetric Gynecologists and doctors are available to provide utmost care during pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery.

Raphal Medical Centre


Our eye specialist diagnoses and treat various conditions of the eye. We offer both surgical and conservative eye care.

Raphal Medical Centre


Every stage of a woman’s reproductive life is important. Our services run through all the stages of a woman’s reproductive life. We offer both surgical and conservative care to all women irrespective of age or stage of reproductive life.

Raphal Medical Centre


To achieve a better out-come of disease is not only dependent on medicine but also lifestyle. Our Dietetic is available to give the best direction on eating right for a healthier life.

Raphal Medical Centre


Our Dentist is readily available to provide both surgical and non-surgical dental care.


Raphal Medical Centre
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