Blood Donation Exercise

Raphal Medical Centre

Onua Blood Donation

The first blood donation exercise organized by Onua FM and Raphal Medical Centre in Tema Community 1 drew a large number of Ghanaians on August 27th.

The blood drive was part of the hospital’s corporate social duty to provide blood to the national blood bank to support individuals in need.

The hospital’s administrator, Mrs. Balinda Asante-Amankwa Addo, and the hospital’s administration saw that patients were dying because they couldn’t get blood, so they decided to do something about it.

Mrs. Balinda Asante-Amankwa Addo went on to say that it is tragic that some anemic pregnant women, accident victims, and others die in labor and emergency rooms.

We express our gratitude to the exercise’s sponsors, Onua FM and Onua TV, and urge them to continue supporting such programs in the near future.

Hundreds of blood donors came from Kpong, Dodowa, Accra, Dawhenya, Tema, and the neighboring areas to participate in the exercise.

After donating blood, participants were given gifts from the sponsors.

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